0,75l Chardonnay Ronco Calaj, Russolo, Friuli stylish and elegant wine.Smell of accia flowers and tropical fruits.Full in the mouth with a long aftertaste. 569,- Kč
0,75l Vermentino di Sardegna, Vig.Zanata, Sardinia Wine with a scent of green apples and spicy flovours and spicy acid 559,- Kč
0,75l Müller Thurgau Mussignaz, Russolo, Friuli Beauliful complex wine with aromas of ripe peaches and pleasant acidity.Full harmonious taste559,- Kč
0,75l Pinot grigio, Russolo, Friuli Straw golden coloured wine with typical fruit smell of acacia flowers.Elegantly fruity taste and structured. 559,- Kč
0,75l Sauvignon Sottovoce, 47 Anno Domini, Treviso Wine with a fresh taste of citrus with a touch of minerality and aroma nettles and gooseberries 579,- Kč
Czech republic
0,75l Ryzlink vlašský p.s.  Very pleasant wine with gradually opening scent of fresh herbs, grass and limes.Taste is strong and ripe with fresh grapefruit tones. 519,- Kč
0,75l Rulanské šedé p.s. Pleasant fresh wine with balanced scent.The captivating flavor of gooseberries and meadow honey. 528,- Kč
chile/winery casas del bosque
0,75l Sauvignon blanc reserva wine with a taste of limes and tropical fruits. 619,- Kč
0,75l Chardonnay reserva Cuvée chardonnay from two different positions makes aromas of subtropical fruits. 629,- Kč


0,75l Primitivo di Manduria, M.Trajone, Salento Tuscany Very intense, full bodied wine with pleasant tannins and aroma of black berries, currants and spices 539,- Kč
0,75l Chianti colli senesi salcheto DOCG Chianti from wine Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Mammolo. Traditional tuscany wine. 479,- Kč
0,75l Rosso di Montalcino DOC Tenuta Le Potazzine tuscan red ruby coloured wine, very tasty, with typical dynamic tannins 1129,- Kč
0,75l carbernet sauvignon borgo molino doc dark red coloured wine with full wild berries smell. 419,- Kč
0,75l Nero d´Avola Baglio di pianetto IGT strong sicilian wine refl ects its island origin, dark red colour. 429,- Kč
0,75l Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso DOC wine with distinctive ruby colour, taste is rich, warm, soft, with chocolate tannins, balanced 579,- Kč
Czech republic/Vinařská oblast Morava,vinařská podoblast Slovácká, Vinařská obec Blatnička, Vinařství Hruška
0,75l Rulandské modré p.s. wine of dark ruby colour, fruity aroma is dominated dark fruits with notes of sweet wood and eucalyptus.Taste is medium bodied with soft tannins 415,- Kč
Chile/winery casas del bosque
0,75l Cabernet sauvignon gran reserva wine is bright ruby red color. It has aromas of black currant and plum. 689,- Kč
0,75l Syrah gran reserva an elegant wine with a violet red color with aroma of black pepper and blueberry. 689,- Kč


0,75l ROSÉ BORGO MOLINO I.G.T. typical italian rose wine from Borgo Molino. 539,- Kč


czech republic
0,75l BOHEMIA SEKT DEMI SEC/BRUT traditional czech sparkling wine 429,- Kč
0,75l PROSECCO brut doc treviso borgo molino famous sparkling wine from best grapes of Veneto region, slightly fruit pleasant taste. 519,- Kč
0,75l Motivo borgo molino rosé extra dry sparkling wine with strawberries and raspberries aroma. 519,- Kč
0,75l lambrusco otello nero ceci best italian lambrusco from winery Ceci, which was created after years of experimantation in the vineyard and was named after its founder. 529,- Kč


0,15 CHARDONNAY white wine from Friuli, yellow straw colour. 95,- Kč
0,15L MERLOT DELLE CANTINE BERTIOLO red wine from Friuli, part of grapes mature in oak woods. 95,- Kč
0,15L LAMBRUSCO DELL´EMILIA I.G.T. sparkling red wine.95,- Kč
0,15L BIANCO DA LAMBRUSCO DELL´EMILIA I.G.T. sparkling white wine. 95,- Kč
0,15L Valentino Mucci doc rosé wine from Italy. 95,- Kč


4CL Grappa Merlot 41° this distilate made a revolution of grappa production. The pomace of Povolit grapes are distilled separately and only if the year harvest is optimal. Served during all occasions 119,- Kč
4CL GRAPPA CHARDONNAY BARRIQUE 41° unique distilate made of one grape type, maturates in barriques so it obtaines gold colour. To be served as appetizer. 99,- Kč
4CL GRAPPA MOSCATO 41° this distilate made a revolution of grappa production. The pomace of Picolit grapes are distilled separately and only if the year harvest is optimal. Served during all occasions. 119,- Kč
4CL Grappa Prosecco barrique 41° grappa produced according to ancient methods from two different varieties.It has a soft, floral scentto almond with hints of vanilla and chocolate 119,- Kč