0,75l Chardonnay Ronco Calaj, Russolo, Friuli stylish and elegant wine.Smell of accia flowers and tropical fruits.Full in the mouth with a long aftertaste. 569,- Kč
0,75l Vermentino di Sardegna, Vig.Zanata, Sardinia Wine with a scent of green apples and spicy flovours and spicy acid 559,- Kč
0,75l Müller Thurgau Mussignaz, Russolo, Friuli Beauliful complex wine with aromas of ripe peaches and pleasant acidity.Full harmonious taste559,- Kč
0,75l Pinot grigio, Russolo, Friuli Straw golden coloured wine with typical fruit smell of acacia flowers.Elegantly fruity taste and structured. 559,- Kč
0,75l Sauvignon Sottovoce, 47 Anno Domini, Treviso Wine with a fresh taste of citrus with a touch of minerality and aroma nettles and gooseberries 579,- Kč
Czech republic
0,75l Ryzlink vlašský p.s.  Very pleasant wine with gradually opening scent of fresh herbs, grass and limes.Taste is strong and ripe with fresh grapefruit tones. 519,- Kč
0,75l Rulanské šedé p.s. Pleasant fresh wine with balanced scent.The captivating flavor of gooseberries and meadow honey. 528,- Kč
chile/winery casas del bosque
0,75l Sauvignon blanc reserva wine with a taste of limes and tropical fruits. 619,- Kč
0,75l Chardonnay reserva Cuvée chardonnay from two different positions makes aromas of subtropical fruits. 629,- Kč


0,75l Primitivo di Manduria, M.Trajone, Salento Tuscany Very intense, full bodied wine with pleasant tannins and aroma of black berries, currants and spices 539,- Kč
0,75l Chianti riserva DOCG Chianti from wine Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Mammolo. Traditional tuscany wine. 619,- Kč
0,75l Merlot Massarac, Russolo, Friuli beautifully fruity merlot, which dominetes aroma of raspberries and berries with pleasantly mild tannins 539,- Kč
0,75l Gran Appasso, Puglia full body wine with ruby colour with a scent of ripe forest fruit.The taste is full, with a long cherry finish 619,- Kč
0,75l Sicilia, Duca di Saragnano, Sicilia strong sicilian wine refl ects its island origin, dark red colour. 539,- Kč
0,75l Barbera d´alba, bel colle, Piemonte beautiful wine with intense purple colour.Aroma of violets, cherries, ripe cherry and exotic wood.Long and harmonious aftertaste 629,- Kč
Chile/winery casas del bosque
0,75l Cabernet sauvignon gran reserva wine is bright ruby red color. It has aromas of black currant and plum. 719,- Kč
0,75l Syrah gran reserva an elegant wine with a violet red color with aroma of black pepper and blueberry. 719,- Kč


0,75l ROSÉ BORGO MOLINO I.G.T. typical italian rose wine from Borgo Molino. 539,- Kč


czech republic
0,75l BOHEMIA SEKT DEMI SEC/BRUT traditional czech sparkling wine 429,- Kč
0,75l PROSECCO brut doc treviso borgo molino famous sparkling wine from best grapes of Veneto region, slightly fruit pleasant taste. 519,- Kč
0,75l Motivo borgo molino rosé extra dry sparkling wine with strawberries and raspberries aroma. 529,- Kč
0,75l lambrusco otello nero ceci best italian lambrusco from winery Ceci, which was created after years of experimantation in the vineyard and was named after its founder. 529,- Kč


0,15 CHARDONNAY white wine from Friuli, yellow straw colour. 95,- Kč
0,15L MERLOT DELLE CANTINE BERTIOLO red wine from Friuli, part of grapes mature in oak woods. 95,- Kč
0,15L LAMBRUSCO DELL´EMILIA I.G.T. sparkling red wine.95,- Kč
0,15L BIANCO DA LAMBRUSCO DELL´EMILIA I.G.T. sparkling white wine. 95,- Kč
0,15L Valentino Mucci doc rosé wine from Italy. 95,- Kč


4CL Grappa Merlot 41° this distilate made a revolution of grappa production. The pomace of Povolit grapes are distilled separately and only if the year harvest is optimal. Served during all occasions 119,- Kč
4CL GRAPPA CHARDONNAY BARRIQUE 41° unique distilate made of one grape type, maturates in barriques so it obtaines gold colour. To be served as appetizer. 99,- Kč
4CL GRAPPA MOSCATO 41° this distilate made a revolution of grappa production. The pomace of Picolit grapes are distilled separately and only if the year harvest is optimal. Served during all occasions. 119,- Kč
4CL Grappa Prosecco barrique 41° grappa produced according to ancient methods from two different varieties.It has a soft, floral scentto almond with hints of vanilla and chocolate 119,- Kč